Agile web development workflow with 3 revisions before launch

The production of the website or webshop uses agile project management and a practical 9-step system to focus on the project's goals.

Step 1 / 9
Joint task
Step 2 / 9
Your task
Step 3 / 9
Our task
Step 4 / 9
Joint task
Step 5 / 9
Our task
Step 6 / 9
Joint task
Step 7 / 9
Our task
Step 8 / 9
Joint task
Step 9 / 9
Our task

Planing Cosmosites

We get to know each other and together create a plan for the website, that gets us to an overview of the final goals and price (if you wish to scale with Plugins or the optional services).

Collecting content

When the scope is defined, the website's content is identified. You will have to provide the content as texts, images, content graphics, etc. (or additionally order content production from us).

Research and UX/UI design

Cosmosites prepare the research and analysis. We structure the website with a well-planned UI/UX design and build a custom web design that aligns beautifully with the brand identity and type of content.

First revision Cosmosites

We have built a website and installed it on the hosting server hidden from anyone but you and us. Now you can log in and give feedback on the first version of your new website.

Continued web development

Based on the feedback from the 1st revision, Cosmosites is taking the website back into development to further improve the website's design, user journeys, and information flow, ect.

Second revision Cosmosites

So far so good. We are evaluating the work for the second version of the website. We talk about adjustments and improvements we would like to see further work on.

Continued web development

Cosmosites reviews your website elements and design, and we start working on the SEO of your content and set up superpowers to optimize website security and performance.

Final revision Cosmosites

Third version of the website. When we are completely satisfied, everything is tested, any details corrected, the website is ready to launch.

Launching Cosmosites EmojiCosmosites Emoji

On your request, we publish the website by pointing your domain name to the hosting server. We will remove the log-in-wall, and the website will be accessible to search engines and future visitors.

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