Print-on-demand drop shipping website platform

Sell merchandises from your WooCommerce webshop that utilizes automated print-on-demand drop shipping features from Printful.

Play Video about Explainer video Printful Print-on-demand drop shipping with WooCommerce and WordPress.

How it works video explainer: Watch the 2-minute video and learn how print-on-demand and dropshipping work and how you can sell merchandise from your WooCommerce webshop with production starting from just one piece and no commitments.

Product overview

The product requires the Full Website Package or Dynamic Website Kit with the eCommerce plugin

Grow your brand with merchandise

Happy customer

Choose product Cosmosites

On Printful, you choose the products you want to sell. No obligation. Production from 1. piece.

Add print design

Upload your custom artwork. It can consist of a logo, text, photo, graphics, etc.

Publish product

Put the created products with your designs for sale on your own WooCommerce webshop.

Processing order Cosmosites

Through WooCommerce, Printful automatically receives the order and produces it.

Shipping Cosmosites

Printful ships directly to your customers displaying your branding on the packages.

Use Scenarious

First-class quality prints and embroideries

You’ll have 210+ products to choose from in six categories.

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Product pricing

It is up to you to decide which selling prices work best for your print-on-demand products. You may decide to sell the products expensively or inexpensively, depending on what you are aiming at with your shop.
  • Is it your business to sell products with print?
  • Are you using the merchandise to promote your brand or your content?
  • Or are your merchandise products being used for a good cause?
The profit you earn on each product is calculated as your sales price (decided by you) minus the production and shipping costs passed to Printful. Learn more about the manufacturing costs of the different merchandise products at Printful’s website and try the profit calculator.

State-of-the-art facilities in Europe and the US

The short story of Printful Print-on-demand drop shipping.

Printful is the story of a small entrepreneur startup founded by one man and his wife.

The couple transformed the company from being just an excellent idea (which in no time made the family home look like a busy print station) into one of the world’s largest print-on-demand companies in the industry.

The company has had a consistent mantra: always put the customer first! This perspective has been Printful’s formula and key to success.

Today Printful operates state-of-the-art facilities located in Europe and the US.

Choose from 210+ products at Printful

Men’s Clothing

All shirts
 All-over shirts
 Polo shirts
 Tank tops
 3/4 sleeve shirts
 Long sleeve shirts
 Embroidered shirts
All hoodies & sweatshirts
 Sweatpants & joggers

Women’s Clothing

All shirts
 All-over shirts
 Tank tops
 Crop tops
 Embroidered shirts
 3/4 sleeve shirts
 Long sleeve shirts
All hoodies & sweatshirts
 Sweatpants & joggers
Sports bras

Kids & Youth Clothing

All shirts
 All-over shirts
Baby bibs
Baby bodysuits


Embroidered hats
 Dad hats / Baseball caps
 Trucker hats
 5-panel hats
 Mesh hats
 Bucket hats


 Tote bags
 Laptop cases
 Drawstring bags
 Fanny packs
Phone cases
 iPhone cases
 Samsung cases
Flip flops

Home & Living

Coffee mugs
 Throw pillows
Wall art
 Framed posters
 Canvas prints
Beach towels
Bean bags
Embroidered aprons

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