Full Website Package

How Cosmosites' creates new websites for successful online universes with the Full Website Package.
We have created a dynamic website solution based on WordPress, which we offer at a fixed price. It contains a range of professional elements and practices to create a successful online universe. In this article, I will give you a transparent overview of what's included in the package. The product is easy to scale with plugins, and you can also buy our optional services if you need them.

Product overview

Research, insights, and strategy

Persona research

Creating personas for businesses or brands can gain new insights into who your customers to your brand are and why they use your products or services.

Personas are fictional profiles that represent a group of people, such as users or potential customers – and their mindsets, needs, and behaviors.

The main idea behind making these persona characteristics is: to try to walk in someone else’s shoes, e.g., in your customer’s (or user’s) shoes, and make use of the insights to get to know your customer or user segments.

Understanding the characteristics of a brand’s persona(s) is a great tool when designing a website.

Competitive analysis

The competitors to your website are coming under the microscope too.

Knowing what your competitors are doing can help us position you and your product or service in the market.

It also helps us identify trends in the industry that may have been overlooked.

Competitive research is an essential part of any good marketing plan and a fantastic tool for making data-driven decisions in designing a website.

Together, we select two of your most prominent competitors to research.

Conversion (optimization) strategy

A website conversion happens when a user completes a desired action on your website.

By using a strategic process to fulfill business goals, we wish to convert visitors into sales or clicks (depending on the website’s purpose).

We can develop a Call-to-Action (CTA) strategy when understanding the essence of the page’s must-have or must-know part (product or information).

We will identify the best place for the CTA and structure the content hand in hand with design and marketing.

With a well-planned user experience of the website’s CTA’s, you can expect higher conversion rates.

Custom branding and webdesign

Logo and brand guide

We organize a design competition in partnership with 99Designs, and unique designs from a world of talented designers and graphic artists tick in.

You’ll get the 99Designs Logo & Brand Guide Silver Package.

There are up to 40 unique design concepts in the package from which to choose.

Each concept includes a take on your logo and details of color palette and font pairing.

We’ll choose your visual identity in collaboration.

You’ll be positively surprised by this approach.

What if I have a logo and found the colors and fonts I like?

Let’s talk a little about your branding.

We want to make sure you are fully aware of the role the logo and brand guide play in the success of your business.

Most often, it’s advisable to include the design competition. On new projects, we consider that essential.

But of course, we’ll use your materials when it makes sense. We naturally lower the price of the Full Website Package and subtract the cost of the design competition.

Other options involve us doing the logo and brand guide in-house for an agreed price.

UI and UX design

Again, we’re putting ourselves in the place of the visitors when working on the website’s user interface and user experience.

The user interface (UI design) is the graphical layout that we create for the website. It consists of all types of visual elements and relates to how they should look.

And for the user’s experience (UX design) of the site, this is about what we do to make the site user-friendly to interact with.

We design a well-planned website architecture strategy to get the website interpretable and navigation-friendly.

The UI design and the UX design are integral to each other’s success.

Can we predict the user’s interpretation of the website and incorporate the proper feedback on their user behavior?

Yes, and here is why:

Cosmosites Emoji By, among other things, implementing an information flow strategy.

Cosmosites Emoji By constructing the website’s intent through signability and
coherence in the design.

Cosmosites Emoji By bridging the gap between technology’s capabilities and the user’s ability to use it.

We’re keeping a close eye on Google’s 2021 algorithm update.

The algorithm incorporates a new approach that measures the quality of the user experience for each page based on the primary principle: Greater page experience results in higher page rank.

Custom Webdesign

We design your website from the ground up with a toolbox full of insights, strategy, UX/UI design, and graphic design elements.

We build every website element unique to your brand’s feel, look, and needs.

Content is by default provided by you

Imagine your website is the spaceship, and your content is the crew and passengers.

Cosmosites build your spaceship, and you provide those who will travel on the spacecraft.

The Full Website Package, therefore, requires this condition:

Cosmosites Emoji You are providing the actual content for the website.

Here are some examples of website elements and content that we don’t include in the package price: texts of more than 75 words, photos, podcasts, videos, and content graphics.

Why is website content production not included in the package price?

Cosmosites Emoji It always varies a lot what each project needs.

Cosmosites Emoji Package price concepts require a framing – and consequently a definition of what the package price includes or is not within the boundaries.

Simply put, content production is something we offer in our additional services.

If you need help creating content for the website, our content writing and other content services can be a great option.

Setup of content for up to 20 pages

The product includes setting up the content of up to 20 Pages or Posts.

For startup and small business websites, this will meet most needs.

For example, we can set up the content of these 20 Pages/Posts on the website:

  • Landing Page = 1
  • Service Page with 5 Service Posts = 6
  • Employee Page with 5 Employee Posts = 6
  • Latest News Page with 3 news Posts = 4
  • About Us Page = 1
  • Contact Us Page = 1
  • Cookie and privacy policy Page = 1

There is no limit to how many pages/posts and how much content WordPress can handle.

What if the project needs more than 20 pages of content?

Adding content is something you can easily do yourself once you’ve taken over your new website.

Of course, we can create additional pages and posts for you based on our pricing.

Agile workflow with 3 revisions before launch

We work around agile methodologies, where the Scrum and Kanban frameworks inspire our actions.

We execute projects based on a workflow system to create a clear overview of production, product, and customer.

Taking shape in a practical 9-step system, our agile project management focuses on collaboration with you and the project’s goals.

And we operate transparently, so you can keep track of how your site is coming along.

Learn more about our project management and the Agile web development workflow with 3 revisions before launch.


WordPress CMS

WordPress is a simple and popular way to create online universes such as websites, webshops, blogs, communities, etc.

More than 43% (2022) of all websites worldwide use WordPress CMS (content management system).

WordPress is open-source software made available for free by WordPress.org.

Given the plugin architecture and template structure in WordPress, the possibilities of building all sorts of websites are virtually endless.

Learn more about WordPress CMS and the ecosystem that thrives around WordPress.

A dynamic website solution ready to grow and adapt to your needs

WordPress has a modular architecture designed to handle new functionalities through plugins.

You can grow and develop your WordPress website according to your needs.

You may steer your business into the digital future, adding new valuable functionalities via the use of Plugins.

For example, you can extend your WordPress websites with new functionalities that create:

  • online stores/webshops
  • online booking systems
  • event functions
  • video browsing
  • Print-On-Demand Drop Shipping
  • forums
  • communities
  • online courses
  • membership and subscription universes

Some of these Plugins are entirely free to use, just like WordPress itself, and are available on wordpress.org.

For others, the so-called PRO/Premium Plugins, you will need to pay an annual license fee to the company or person behind the Plugin.

The price level for PRO/premium plugins is typically in the range of 30 – 150 USD/year/plugin.

You pay for access to new features, security updates, support, etc.

9 Types of popular web pages

The Full Website Package comes with up to nine types of the most popular web pages to choose from that can be included on your website based on your specific needs.

The layout of each web page is completely designed from scratch to fit your brand’s identity.

We include nine of the most commonly used types of web pages in the website package price:

  • Landing Page
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Team Members
  • About Us
  • Contact us
  • News
  • Blog
  • Cookies and privacy policy

What do you need to publish? Learn more about the 9 types of popular web pages.

If you have a different kind of content not matching the nine generic web pages – we’ll take a look and see if we can fit it into the product.

WordPress Page Builder Elementor Pro and Crocoblock

The product uses Page Builder to create the website’s web design and for WordPress theme building.

The Full Website Package includes the latest version of the two Page Builder Plugins we use in the production of the website (these are the PRO/Premium version):

Cosmosites Emoji Elementor Pro
Cosmosites Emoji Crocoblock

Once you have taken over your new website from us, you can choose to manage the ongoing maintenance of the website yourself – including future updates of PRO/Premium plugins.

Another option is to get our hosting plus/or maintenance plan from Cosmosites which offers financial benefits since the subscription includes plugin licenses.

Learn more about The best WordPress Toolbox for web design and dynamic content structuring and the page builders Elementor Pro and Crocoblock.

130+ premium design features in the toolbox

We have more than a hundred-twenty of premium and professional website (and store) design features available in the WordPress toolbox to create your website.

These tools empower us to build engaging and modern online universes with complete control over the website’s web design and functionality.

We can incorporate content and layout features to meet most requirements.

Main design categories include:

  • Content
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Organizing
  • Visualization
  • Integrations
  • Search & filter
  • WooCommerce
  • Products

Learn more about the 130+ premium website and store design features in the toolbox.

Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies

WordPress gives us Pages, Posts, Archives, and Taxonomies out of the box.

They are used, among other things, to structure your content.

Generally, Pages in WordPress we use for static information.

The about-us, contact-us, and find-us pages of the website are static information pages.

And Posts will be used by WordPress for publishing your dynamic content, such as blog posts, articles, etc.

Typically, Archive pages list the dynamic content: blog posts, articles, latest news, or services.

Taxonomies classify content using categories and tags, which are helpful when searching for content, for example.

The website package price includes using Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies when required by the project.

Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies allow us to better separate different content types from each other and are beneficial for structuring the website’s architecture.

For example, one Custom Post Type we could create was “Team Members.”

The action will bring up a Team Member tab in the WordPress interface where all Team Member content belongs.

We can use data from the new Team Member Custom Post Type and display it on the front page as we wish.

Taking this approach makes a big difference to the ease of working with WordPress as an administrator or editor.

Using this tool to separate data allows us to create a user interface to control the website content with the level of detail we require.

And for visitors to the site, it will result in a great user experience.

You can read more about how these things work in our Post: The best tools for WordPress web design and dynamic content structuring.

Custom Fields and Dynamic Metadata

When there’s much unique information to keep track of, we can use Metadata to solve the challenge.

With Custom Fields, we structure data so that you, as WordPress administrator/editor, can easily manage many different small pieces of information.

Dynamic Metadata allows us to display the relevant Custom Field information to the website’s visitors, wherever and in whatever design we want.

Dynamic Metadata will benefit in many different cases: property data, movie data, book data, car data, product data, etc.

Let’s say we have made a Property Custom Post Type.

An example of information regarding property Metadata would be:

  • Case number
  • Year of Construction
  • Energy label
  • Size of residence
  • Room(s)

Having the possibility to use Metadata makes a big difference in developing the website’s functionalities and user-friendliness.

Learn more about Custom Fields and Dynamic Metadata.

GDPR Cookies Notice

The website needs a Cookies Notice to comply with EU GDPR legislation.

We will set up a Cookies Notice feature on the website.

The content for the Cookies and Privacy Policy varies to some extent from website to website.

It is the website owner’s responsibility to prepare the legal content. Several online services and lawyers offer help with this.

Unfortunately, please note that our product does not include writing the actual Cookies and Privacy Policy.

It is solely the functionality of showing the user a box to consent to the website’s Cookies and the creation of pages to read the Cookies and Privacy Policy.

As we start working together, we can refer you to some good online services we know that may help you get the legal work done.


Responsive web design for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Today, most people use their smartphones to go online.

So, naturally, the website needs to work beautifully on small screens.

We are developing according to the Mobile-First principle. What that means is we produce a 100% mobile-friendly web design and interface.

Being Mobile First also plays a significant part in Google’s algorithm.

To rank the website’s content, Google gives priority to websites that perform well on smartphones.

We are working in Elementor’s Framework, which is born responsive.

Designed by experts, Elementor handles web design for multiple screen sizes and viewport breakpoints.

Cosmosites are experts in leveraging every corner of Elementor’s space. Your website will look pixel-perfect on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Search engine optimization of the website (SEO)

Having your content ranked high in Google and the other search engines strongly impact how competitive you are.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process where we can take various measures to increase the likelihood of a better ranking on Google.

WordPress, Elementor, and our custom theme are all created according to SEO best practices.

We can take it a step further, though, and install add-on SEO tools. We install the WordPress SEO tools plugin SmartCrawl (free version) in the Full Website Package. Using SmartCrawl, we can achieve powerful Search Engine Optimization.

One of the ways SmartCrawl works is by feeding the search engine with additional information about the content at the Pages/Posts level.

We will prepare SEO data for up to 20 Pages/Posts with SmartCrawl on your website.

When adding this data, the search engine can rate the character and relevance of the page’s content more accurately.

Search engines like Google reward this by giving the page a better PageRank for the relevant Keywords.

By purchasing our hosting plus/or maintenance plan for the website, you get SmartCrawl PRO included in the price.

Security optimization of the website

You already know that we build spaceships on Cosmosites Cosmosites Emoji.

The spaceship is very safe by design.

But of course, the ship also needs an outstanding defense system installed – that’s why we install and configure one of the market’s best WordPress security plugins (free version) on your website.

The WordPress security plugin Defender keeps hackers and bots out and secures the website from attacks in various ways.

If you subscribe to our hosting plus/or maintenance plan, you will get Defender Pro included in the price.

Learn more about what features Defender and Defender Pro offer.

Image optimization that boosts page speed

You have had your ears full of the message that speed, speed, speed is so vital for today’s websites.

We’re installing and configuring the free version of the award-winning WordPress image optimization plugin Smush with that in mind.

It’s simply about compressing your photo file size. A photo that doesn’t take up so much space will naturally load faster.

Smush is a world champion at this, and the plugin has even more speed-boosting features to offer.

The outcome is very noticeable – the website is evident and measurable faster.

If you subscribe to our hosting plus/or maintenance plan, you will get Smush Pro included in the price.

Learn more about what features Smush and Smush Pro offer.

Page speed and performance optimization of the website

For the browser, the website is just a stream of data.

Within these bits and bats is all the information about the content and design of the website.

We can prepare and compress these bits and bats.

The optimization process will file-compress assets and pre-render all content and design on the website.

With a cached web page, the browser download is much faster.

To do this, we install and configure the WordPress caching and page speed optimization plugin Hummingbird (free version).

Hummingbird empowers us with great tools for making a speedy and performance-optimized website with caching and more.

If you subscribe to our hosting plus/or maintenance plan, you will get Hummingbird Pro included in the price.

Learn more about what features Hummingbird and Hummingbird Pro offer.

Ownership and maintenance

Ownership of the website

Once we’ve finished your website and it’s ready to take off from Cosmosites, then you can manage the content on your website forwards.

You won’t necessary need us to do this, and you will quickly get to know WordPress.

With WordPress, it’s easy to publish Pages and Posts: write texts, insert images, etc. And simple to edit existing website content.

Once we have handed over the website and you have paid the bill, it is yours. The complete installation of the website becomes your property entirely.

You can read more about the legal agreement in our Terms and Conditions.

Maintenance of the website

You can decide to maintain your website yourself.

Do you need help with hosting and maintenance?
If you prefer not to maintain the website yourself we can caretake it for you.

With a Cosmosites hosting plus/or maintenance plan for the website, you can let us manage the hosting and maintain the website with economic, time-saving, and performance benefits.

WordPress crash course

If you have no experience working with WordPress, we host a video-on-demand online course WordPress crash course for beginners. All our clients are welcome to enroll for free (you will receive a coupon code).

Explore more about the items of Full Website Package

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