Dynamic Website Kit

Cosmosites' Dynamic Website Kit for multi purpose website production

Not every project demands the comprehensive features of our Full Website Package. For more budget-conscious endeavors, Cosmosites proudly presents the Dynamic Website Kit.

This dynamic website solution is thoughtfully curated, delivering precisely what you need to establish a professional web presence or online store. Leveraging the same robust software configuration as our Full Website Package, it ensures a reliable foundation for your online venture.

Our focus remains on your brand identity. While our custom web design services are at your disposal, it is essential to note that the Dynamic Website Kit does not encompass persona research, competitor analysis, or brand creation—services readily available in our Full Website Package.

In addition to its cost-efficiency, this product also boasts enhanced security, lightning-fast loading speeds, and SEO optimization to elevate your website's performance and visibility.

If you require assistance with content creation, rest assured that we offer content services aligned with our competitive pricing structure.

In summary, the Dynamic Website Kit is a forward-thinking solution adaptable to your success journey—whether as an individual or a thriving business. It offers a cost-effective pathway to your online goals, without compromising quality or performance.

Product overview

Software installation and setup

Dynamic Website Kit runs on WordPress together with the site builder Elementor Pro.

WordPress is a great content management system. And the most popular. In fact, 42% (2022) of all websites globally use WordPress. Explore why we chose WordPress on Cosmosites.

Elementor Pro
Elementor Pro has all the design and theme template tools we want to create an interactive and beautiful web design for your website or WooCommerce store.

We also install JetEngine from Crocoblock to allow the website to fully function with dynamic content. This allows us to bring almost any information and design need imaginable to life.

Security and performance

Security optimization of the website
All projects we build are created with the latest website security in mind.

WordPress itself is a very secure content management system.

Extra high-security measures can be used with our hosting partner (Website hosting plus maintenance plan).

And we install one of the best WordPress Security plugins with excellent tools to make it as impossible for the hacker to break in as imaginable.

Image optimization that boosts page speed
An Award-winning WordPress image optimization plugin is included in the dynamic website kit.

Your site’s images will then be automatically compressed without compromising image quality (e.g. 793kb becomes 169kb).

This will contribute enormously to the speed of the website, which loads faster.

It will also mean that the images won’t take up as much storage space on the server.

The WordPress image optimization plugin also comes with lazy load technology as well as the option to stream images from super-fast worldwide CDN.

Caching and page speed optimization
Website speed is a priority and an expectation of today’s internet surfers.

Page speed is also a parameter used by Google, which rewards fast pages by ranking them higher (among many other parameters). WordPress caching and image optimization plugin can take care of that by using a number of specialized tools to make website speed much much faster.

Custom webdesign

Your new website is uniquely designed for your branding and primary target audience.

UI design
We develop the user interface using visual elements to create a look and feel that is consistent with your existing branding.

UX design
To make the user journey a smooth and engaging experience, we design the website with ease of use and navigation in mind for your visitors.

Responsive web design for mobile, tablet, and desktop
The site is designed with responsive functionality so that the website plays perfectly on all screen sizes – including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Setup of content for up to 20 pages
The package price includes setting up your content for up to 20 pages. From here you can buy setting up more pages in accordance with our pricing. Or, when you take over the site you can easily upload content yourself.

Agile workflow with three revisions before launch
We follow an agile workflow with three revisions through a practical nine-step rocket from the start of the journey to the launch of the website (excluding research and analysis).


9 types of popular webpages
We have nine types of popular pages that we can add to your website in the dynamic website kit.

All pages can be used in case of need and should there be a type of page we have not prepared for, we can find a solution for this.

We design all pages specifically for your brand and your primary audience.

120+ premium design features in the toolbox
When we design, we have more than 120 premium design website and store features in the toolbox to pull from with all elements we could want.

Custom post types and taxonomies
Custom post types and taxonomies are also created when we need to organize your content by type. We have put together the best tools for WordPress web design and dynamic content structuring.

Custom fields and dynamic metadata
Dynamic website kit naturally pulls content dynamically. Metadata can be entered along with your content, which is displayed dynamically on the site.

For example, you have content for different coffee beans and we display data about the beans. It could be the country of origin, flavor, and grind.

This information can be easily entered in the backend and displayed on the front in our design for each type of bean.

GDPR cookies notice
The website will also have the legally required GDPR cookies function.


The ownership of the website does 100% belong to you.

Once we have handed over the website and you have paid the bill, it is yours. The complete installation of the website becomes your property entirely.

Decide a maintenance plan
In short. It is important to maintain the site or store regularly for various beneficial reasons.

From a security point of view, keeping the installation up to date is the single most important action.

Running old software will increase the risk of the site being hacked.

Maintained by you
Projects that use the Dynamic Website Kit can be maintained by you. It’s not that complicated, and we can instruct you on how to do so.

Maintained by us
Or you can subscribe to one of our two services:

Website hosting plus maintenance plan.

Website Maintenance Plan.

Free WordPress crash course
If you have no experience working with WordPress, we host a video-on-demand online course WordPress crash course for beginners.

All clients are welcome to enroll for free using a coupon code.

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