Get branding and visual identity done by experts

Get branding and visual identity for your new website or store

Are you in the early stages of your business journey or does your business need rebranding?

You can have skilled creative people from a global network of designers and graphic artists create the perfect logo and a detailed brand guide for your project.

The signals your brand creates significantly influence the receiver’s perception of you.

A logo can tell a story about your brand in seconds – or at least trigger a subconscious emotion in a second.

The colors in which the brand operates will reflect the emotional perception of your brand and will also affect the perception of your values.

The type of fonts you use in your texts helps to express a style and mood between the lines.

That’s why it’s fundamental for a brand to have a specific visual identity.

Design Competition

We will organize a design competition with our partner 99Designs, and unique designs from a world of talented designers and graphic artists will start ticking in.

Typically the 99Designs Logo and Brand Guide Silver Package will be a perfect launch point for a startup company or rebranding of your business.

The Silver Package provides high value for your money, where you can choose from up to 40 unique design concepts. Each concept includes a take on your logo and details of color palette and font pairing.

You will receive an excellent brand guide with guidance on using the logo, colors, and fonts. For your inspiration, have a look at this sample-brand-guide.

Together with you, Cosmosites will discuss and evaluate all the proposals received. Make the right decisions for your brand, we’ll choose your visual identity in collaboration.

We believe you will be positively surprised by this approach.

Why is the design competition approach a good idea?

Because the process is straightforward, proven, and offers many creative sparks with more designers on hand.

Also, getting an interpretation of your brand from an international perspective can be very relevant.

Another reason is that 99Designs offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment on all logo and brand identity design contests.

Is this approach always a good idea?

It depends very much on the specific case whether this approach is a good idea for you or not. So bear in mind that this method may not be suited to everyone and every project.

We are happy to advise you on whether this is something for you when starting a project on Cosmosites.

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