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Travel back in time with Cosmosites Productions to view some of the recent work.

Strong Productions Brand Logo

Strong Productions

Producing a wide range of content for national and international broadcasters and various streaming services, Strong Productions is one of the most thriving production companies in Denmark.
Strix Sweden got a new website from Cosmosites

Strix Television

Creative and acclaimed Swedish production company Strix Television creates cutting-edge scripted and non-scripted entertainment that you talk about at dinner parties, during lunch breaks or at school. The people at Strix call it “Stories worth sharing.”
Slankekurs Brand Logo


With his concept "Three Simple Boxes," the Danish nutritionist Allan Sensbery has developed a formula for a lasting weight loss without you having to run from here to Paris and back. It's all about mastering the energy in the food you eat.
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Baluba has developed, sold and produced entertainment, reality and drama for all major Swedish TV channels and platforms. At the same time, Baluba have an exceptional track record of adapting international formats for the entire Nordic market.

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