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Actually, we experience the fixed price concept on a variety of our products causing many startups and SMEs to find our service spot-on.

You simply don’t have to worry too much about your time and money.

Yes, we design your website from the ground up with a custom visual appearance and interaction with your primary target audience.

We offer two core products.

The Full Website Package is a dynamic website solution running on WordPress CMS and includes a range of professional elements and practices for making a successful online universe.

The Dynamic Website Kit is also running on WordPress and is customized to your branding. It has sufficient functionalities to quickly and inexpensively launch a professional website – ready for growth.

Yes, we offer a customized shop solution with the eCommerce plugin from WooCommerce.

We’ll have pixel-perfect control of designing and branding every element of the webshop.

Do you know among the world’s one million largest eCommerce webshops in 2021, 28% are leveraging WooCommerce?

Yes, you can grow your online business with value-adding functionalities for both of these products via plugins. For example, with our print-on-demand or online course deals.

Yes, we offer a solution using the Print-on-demand plugin that connects Printful and WooCommerce.

Printful allows you to choose from 210+ merchandise products and sell them on your WooCommerce webshop.

The value of this print-on-demand drop shipping solution can be very high for bands, authors, influencers, musicians, celebrities as well as various organizations and businesses.

Yes, we have partnered up with Learndash to offer the E-learning plugin.

Platforms for online courses are something we’re very excited about and will be provided on Cosmosites soon.

Yes! We offer a hosting plus maintenance plan for the website or webshop.

Currently, we only offer this to customers who have purchased the Full Website Package or the Dynamic Website Kit.

Absolutely! We offer a website maintenance plan for WordPress-based installations.

Currently, we only offer this to customers who have purchased the Full Website Package or the Dynamic Website Kit.

Cosmosites Academy is for all of you great people who want to save money and invest time in creating your own professional and successful dynamic website or webshop that can integrate, for example, print-on-demand and online courses.

Yes, we have a super helpful video-on-demand WordPress crash course for beginners

The course walks you through all the various tasks of editing content and managing a WordPress website. You are welcome to board.

Customers of Full Website Package and Dynamic Website Kit will get a Coupon code to access WordPress crash course for beginners for free.

The co-building courses from Cosmosites Academy use the same practices and agile methodologies as those applied in the Full Website Package and Dynamic Website Kit.

Co-building courses also leverage the market-leading technologies from our partners.

With the co-building courses, we have structured the process of creating a website or webshop to put you in the driver’s seat and us as your support team throughout the process. You will be working on your own/individual project, e.g. a website or webshop for your brand or business.

Note: currently we do not have any co-building courses open for enrollment.

Contact us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions!


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