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WordPress is a great tool to use for making a website. It’s not expensive or hard to learn, so everyone can use it. WordPress has many features that make it helpful for creating a good experience on your website. It works for lots of different types of websites, like online shops, business sites, blogs, and communities.

Market Leading software

The WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is one of the world’s most widely used website systems.

In fact, it’s so popular that 43% of all websites on the internet are based on WordPress (2022 statistics).

And it is free Open Source software.

Because it is so user-friendly and because of the numerous possibilities, it is usually the best and first choice when building a new website.

The big rockets use it too

With WordPress CMS as your base, we can build websites for every imaginable purpose.

WordPress makes it easy for administrators/editors to edit and add content to the website, either from your phone, tablet, or computer and all from a simple interface.

WordPress works well for all, from minor blogs to local businesses or e-commerce to major international corporate websites.

Brands such as BBC America, Mercedes Benz, The White House, The New Yorker, Microsoft News, The Rolling Stones, Sony Music, Tech Crunch, and The Walt Disney Company all have in common that they’ve picked WordPress for their websites.

We were able to get the same editing tools and easy-to-use interface into the hands of all our editors. BBC America’s answer to a questionnaire done by WordPress

Part of a vast ecosystem

Selling WordPress-related products and services is a large industry on a global scale that includes everything from WordPress hosting, security optimization, website maintenance plans, and selling plugins and themes to web bureaus like Cosmosites dedicated to developing WordPress-based solutions.

Extending WordPress functionality = plugins

To extend the functionality of WordPress, plugins make it easy to create webshops, facilitate online courses or integrate features such as print-on-demand on your website.

There are many free plugins providing plenty of useful extensions for your site.

At the same time, there’s a big market for Pro/Premium plugins covering the needs of the most demanded extensions. For these, you have to pay a yearly subscription.

In return for paying a yearly subscription, you will gain access to continuous updates and new features and support.

Website style and layout = themes

To change your website’s layout and design, you can change your website’s theme.

A theme completely changes the look and feel of your website, while the content of your website will remain the same.

There are also both free and pro/premium versions when it comes to themes.

Often a custom theme is made to make the web design fit your brand.
Cosmosites always produce a custom theme made specifically for your brand’s website.

Behind any professional website is a lot of hard work

The WordPress software is free and available to all, and you can go ahead and explore it yourself. And there is an extensive amount of themes and plugins, all for free.

But of course, hiring an experienced web developer (or agency) to create a professional, high-quality website does not come for free.

Creating a professional website includes working with market analysis, strategy, branding, UI/UX design, extending functionality through plugins, designing unique themes, etc.

On Cosmosites, we offer a full website package for an all-inclusive price which also features all of these different aspects mentioned above. We also provide the dynamic website kit and that is our less substantial solution for smaller budgets.

Keeping things up to date

One of the most important things you can do to keep hackers away from your website is to maintain and update it regularly.

If using pro/premium versions of a theme or plugin, you have to maintain the yearly license payment to the company behind it. Usually, those licenses are not that expensive and entirely worth it because of the security benefits.

You, Comsosites & WordPress

On Cosmosites, our primary product is know-how.

We know exactly how to build your website, make it shine, and we know how to make it stand out from the crowd.

The extensions (plugins) and the theme framework (mother theme), which we have carefully selected to use for designing your website, are offered through our partnerships.

Our partners are among the most well-renowned companies, offering some of the very best products within the WordPress ecosystem.

With such strong partnerships and quality products behind our solution, we can guarantee your website’s stability and a high return on investment.

These leading companies use great resources to continuously maintain, update and develop their product as the general digital evolution moves on.

What that means is that your website is future-ready. It will be easy to maintain without extremely costly modifications.

In the years ahead, you can either choose to maintain the website yourself or let us maintain the website for you. We have a plan for website maintenance and a plan including hosting plus maintenance.

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