Website maintenance plan

When you prefer us to maintain your website or store, we regularly update WordPress, theme, and plugins for you. We Include award-winning plugins for security, performance, and SEO plus one hour of content updates per month. And ALL costs for access to latest versions of theme and plugins are covered by the subscription.

WordPress, theme, and plugins updates

It will bring peace of mind if we can make it nearly impossible for hackers to break into your website. Studies show that the most used technique to hack into your data is through breaches in outdated software! This is why it is crucial (and the best single advice) to keep the website’s software updated.

The server software will be kept up to date by the hosting company, but when it comes to WordPress, your theme, and plugins, then the task leans on your shoulders.

By subscribing to Cosmosites’ website maintenance plan, we will keep your website updated and stable on your behalf.

Upgrading to PRO plugins

But that’s not all. In total, four Pro-version plugins are included to enhance the website security, speed, and SEO of your website or webshop at no extra cost to you.

One hour for content updates

Plus, we have added a bonus: one initiated working hour per month for updates to the website’s content.

Maybe an hour’s work doesn’t sound like much. But actually, enough for us to update things like company address, phone number, and email address, add or remove employees, add or remove a product, add or remove a service, and replace a few texts, images, or videos on the website, etc.

All costs for updates are included in the subscription

When you sign up for our subscription, you no longer need to buy access to the latest versions of the theme and plugins.

We have a partner program with the companies behind the software used, saving you money each month by not having to pay for each license yourself.

If your site requires functionality from another plugin that is not included in our core products, you will need a separate subscription for this.

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Product overview

This product requires the Full Website Package or the Dynamic Website Kit.

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