Website hosting plus maintenance plan

Hosting and maintenance plan with PRO-level security and performance. All costs for annual updates to the latest versions of the theme and all plugins are covered.

Virtual Private Server hosting plans

Fast, secure, and powerful cloud virtual private server hosting optimized for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Nothing shared, no interruptions.

Cloud 20

Great for 20.000 Estimated Monthly Visitors*

* The number of visitors is a guideline for ensuring a good user experience with a fast-loading website when many visitors are on the website simultaneously.

It is an estimate based on the typical use of the site in relation to the server specifications.

No extra charge is made if the site exceeds the estimated number of visitors.

SSD Storage25 GB
Processor units1 vCPU
Bandwidth10 TB

Cloud 50

Great for 50.000 Estimated Monthly Visitors*

* The number of visitors is a guideline for ensuring a good user experience with a fast-loading website when many visitors are on the website simultaneously.

It is an estimate based on the typical use of the site in relation to the server specifications.

No extra charge is made if the site exceeds the estimated number of visitors.

SSD Storage65 GB
Processor units2 vCPUs
Bandwidth25 TB

Cloud 100

Great for 100.000 Estimated Monthly Visitors*

* The number of visitors is a guideline for ensuring a good user experience with a fast-loading website when many visitors are on the website simultaneously.

It is an estimate based on the typical use of the site in relation to the server specifications.

No extra charge is made if the site exceeds the estimated number of visitors.

SSD Storage160 GB
Processor units4 vCPUs
Bandwidth100 TB

* The number of visitors is a guideline for ensuring a good user experience with a fast-loading website when many visitors are on the website simultaneously.

It is an estimate based on the typical use of the site in relation to the server specifications.

No charge is made if the site exceeds the estimated number of visitors.

Product overview

This product requires the Full Website Package or the Dynamic Website Kit.

WordPress and WooCommerce hosting

Dedicated, lightning-fast, and fully optimized Cloud VPS hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce.

10 data centers + 45-point CDN with GDPR compliance

Your website is landed on a Virtual Private Server (Cloud VPS) at our proficient managed hosting partner.

These are super modern and top secure data centers located in the EU, Central and North America, and Asia.

With an extremely robust architecture on the latest technology, the hosting solution is designed for a world with high security, speed, and uptime demands.

Content Delivery Network
Make use of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) to host e.g. the websites’ images close to the visitors’ location with a 45-point CDN included.

GDPR in place
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is naturally also in place.

Implemented security measures

Your website gets its very own Virtual Private Server featuring dedicated memory, vCPUs of computing power, SSD for data storage, and a dedicated IP address (IPv6 support).

There is no sharing of resources with other websites or fear of circulating virus infection, as with a shared hosting solution.

Server firewall
The Cloud VPS solution comes with a server-level firewall.

Website Application Firewall
Plus in place, there is an intelligent web application firewall (WAF) with a 300+ adaptive ruleset blocking traffic from malicious behavior from accessing the installation software (E.g. WordPress, plugins, and theme) before they even reach the site.

Daily malware scans
With Defender Pro we got automated daily malware scans in place.

Bruteforce attack protection
IPs attempting to brute force your /wp-login.php and /xmlrpc.php will be automatically restricted and banned.

Nightly backups
Automated nightly backups with a 30 day log.

Restore from backup
With a few clicks, we can update the production site with a copy of a (safe) backup if the site has been intruded.

Caching features for fast-loading websites

Server-side page caching
The server installation handles page caching for the website to efficiently speed up loading responses.

Object caching
The server also runs Object caching that records database query results in order to quickly bring them back up the next time they are needed.

Up or downgrading hosting power

There is plenty of power in the three Cloud plans. With bandwidth from 10TB to 100TB, the site can perform smoothly with up to 100,000 estimated visitors per month.

The guidance for the visitor limits recommendation works like this: If the site experiences a higher level of traffic and the recommendation limit in your plan is exceeded, you may experience a slower website when site visitors peak – but it won’t cost you anything extra.

All plans can be upgraded or downgraded to follow demand with a few clicks.

Recommendation for large projects
Does your site contain a large amount of content and/or is it a webshop with a lot of traffic? We suggest the Cloud 50 plan where you get enough rocket fuel for the server to ensure a consistent user experience.

Sites with visitors of 100k+
Does your project require even more power than we provide in the Cloud 20, Cloud 50, and Cloud 100 plans? Contact us and we can set up a custom plan for your website. Our hosting partner manages all sizes of projects.

Secure and encrypted HTTPS connection

A free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate is set up for your domain, making the connection to your website encrypted and secure.

Upgrades to PRO plugins (at no cost to you)

The hosting plus maintenance plan includes a Pro-upgrade of the 4 free WordPress plugins installed and configured in the Full Website Package and the Dynamic Website Kit plus 2 additional pro plugins (Snapshot Pro and Site status report).

That means a total of six must-have Pro-version plugins from our strategic partnerships are included in the subscription plan.

We’ll take care of keeping the Pro plugins up to date at no extra charge.

These Pro-version plugins deliver the best website security, performance optimization, and SEO results we’d never be without on any of our own websites!

1) Pro Security

As things are today, it’s, unfortunately, necessary to strengthen the website’s security with additional security mechanisms than those included in the hosting package.

With Defender Pro, your website’s security is optimized with automated file scanning, monitored uptime, Google blacklist monitoring, automatic/manual IP lockout, 2-Factor Auth authentication login security, Firewall, restoration, and repair of corrupted files, and more.

2) Pro image optimization

A kind of magic happens when Smush Pro does its job making file compression of the website’s images (e.g., 756kb becomes 168kb).

The result is faster loading pages, thus huge savings in the image file size, without loss of image quality.

This (of cause) will bring an improvement to your Google PageSpeed results too.

Smush Pro also features an image CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 45 locations worldwide.

If your website has visitors from many countries, it is highly recommended to activate the CDN for your website’s photos.

Again, having your images served locally makes a big difference to your website’s load time.

3) Pro caching and page speed optimization

Website load speeds matter a lot nowadays. A fast website is a necessary factor in today’s competitive online market.

This Pro-version plugin will improve your Google PageSpeed result using its speed-boosting techniques.

Underlying the website are various files to make the website work. These include CSS and javascript files. Hummingbird Pro can minify, combine, and GZIP compresses these to load much faster.

The newly generated asset files Hummingbird made can also be stored on an external CDN (Content Delivery Network) to load quickly and offload the hosting server.

With Hummingbird Pro’s world-class caching suite, your website’s content is pre-packed and made ready to be browsed.

Hummingbird Pro’s caching suite offers full-page, Gravatar, and browser caching tools.

4) Pro SEO tools

Upgrading to SmartCrawl Pro (the free SmartCrawl version is pre-installed and configured in the Full Website Package and Dynamic Website Kit) brings additional tools to optimize your website’s SEO.

Internet search behavior has been examined in studies, and the answer is crystal clear. Google (search engine) rankings are the biggest factor affecting your success in organic search for your product or service.

SmartCrawl Pro adds new SEO editing features to the WordPress platform to get your content ranking higher on Google.

These features work together behind the scenes to make all your content in Posts and Pages rank higher on Google.

5) Pro backup and restore

The website is backed up daily internally on the hosting server. This is great.

But we increase security by letting Snapshot Pro run a daily backup of the website to your preferred location in the cloud.

Snapshot Pro integrates with AmazonS3, Dropbox, Google Drive, WPMU DEV, and FTP/SFTP (storing on your own local server).

A few clicks and the website is reinstalled

Unfortunately, nobody on the Internet can avoid the risk of being hacked.

Reinstalling an earlier version (from a backup) will be possible at any time if the worst should happen.

However, the chances are meager in this setup – and help is 100% prepared should it happen anyway.

6) Site status reports

Get insight into the underlying engine and see how your website is performing.

A monthly status report will be sent to your inbox with an overview regarding your website’s update, security, SEO, performance, backup, uptime, visitor analysis, and statistics.

You can grow your business and make informed strategic decisions for your website’s future based on data-driven insights.

Explore more about the PRO plugins

Updates we take care of

Executing best security practices with an up-to-date website.

To make it difficult for hackers, keeping the website’s software updated is an essential action.

This applies to WordPress, your theme, and plugins (the managed hosting company will update the server’s software).

In fact, getting to your data through breaches in older software is one of the hacker’s favorite techniques!

Cosmosites always keeps an eye on your website’s software and update it for you with the hosting plus maintenance plan.

Staging site for peace of mind
We also do not just update your installation. Before updating the live site we perform all updates on a staging installation. When everything is tested for compatibility and successfully confirmed the live site is safely updated.

Frequent updates of WordPress CMS

Of course, the website’s engine needs regular maintenance and servicing (like a priceless spaceship).

We do this by updating WordPress as new versions of the software are released.

Some updates are about small corrections to parts of WordPress that the update might improve, and some add new features or functionalities to the software.

While other updates regard internet security and will protect against possible vulnerabilities to the software whenever they are spotted.

Cosmosites evaluates all of these updates and ensures the website is kept up to date, and WordPress stays secure and stable.

Frequent updates of the WordPress theme

In WordPress, the content runs through a theme.

It’s from here that your website’s visual expression and functionality are defined to fit your branding and needs.

In WordPress, theme, and content are separate things, so one can change the functionality and look of the website simply by switching themes.

Themes also need to be updated from time to time to keep up with the ongoing development in WordPress, for security vulnerabilities, and the adaption of new functionalities and standards.

The products Full Website Package and Dynamic Website Kit utilize a custom child theme (of Hello Elementor), Elementor Pro page builder (for building the theme templates), and JetEngine from Crocoblock (a toolkit for dynamic content).

Frequent updates of WordPress plugins

Your Full Website Package or Dynamic Website Kit installation is making use of several plugins.

These plugins also need to be updated from time to time.

If you have purchased our hosting plus maintenance plan (or website maintenance plan), Cosmosites will upgrade all the plugins in the installation to the Pro-version.

All related costs are included in the maintenance plan (there you go)! What that means is you have access to updates at no extra cost as long as your subscription with us is active.

We’ll make sure that all plugins are kept up to date. We’ll always evaluate if there is anything that could cause conflicts across the installation as a whole before we execute updates.

One hour per month for content updates

Updates to the website’s content are also included in the hosting plus maintenance plan.

Every month we offer to update your content with one initiated working hour per month.

What can we do in one hour?

It may not sound like much, but it is actually enough for us to update content like:

  • company address
  • phone numbers
  • email address
  • add or remove employees
  • add or remove products
  • add or remove services
  • replace a few texts, photos, or videos

If it turns out the content updates require more time it is not a problem. This may be settled according to our pricing.

All expenses for upgrades and yearly costs of plugins are included in the subscription

As said when you sign up for our subscription, you no longer need to buy access to the latest versions of your theme and plugins. Costs of licences are included in the subscription.

We have a partner program with the companies behind the software we use, saving you money each month by not having to pay for each license yourself.

If your site requires functionality from another plugin that is not included in our core products, you will need a separate subscription for this.

Cosmosites also offers a website maintenance plan without hosting.

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