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Top five reasons why WooCommerce is the most popular online shopping solution in the world:

Cosmosites Emoji It’s ultra-stable

Cosmosites Emoji Easy to manage

Cosmosites Emoji Easy to scale

Cosmosites Emoji Built-in payment gateways

Cosmosites Emoji Built-in store analytics

Ecommerce Usage Distribution in the Top 1 Million Sites (2021)
0 %
Among the 1 million largest e-commerce sites in the world, 28% are powered by WooCommerce (2021)
More than five million stores worldwide are powered by WooCommerce (active installs, 2021)

"If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time"

As Apple founder Steve Jobs pointed out, business success takes hard work behind the scenes.

And just as a tree has spent years digging through the hard ground to stabilize and feed its growth, a well established online store also needs a solid set-up.

That is why I believe it is crucial to get the tech part right when entering eCommerce.

Stores powered by WordPress and WooCommerce have long proven their worth for millions of store owners.

Product overview

This product requires the Full Website Package or the Dynamic Website Kit.

General scope

Custom webshop design to fit your branding and target customers

We master the brand experience of your WooCommerce webshop to perfection.

We have pixel-level control over layout, colors, shapes, font types, photos, graphics, etc.

You get a custom-designed webshop that integrates deeply with your brand and target audience.

The webshop leverages WooCommerce’s standard functionality, such as star rating and customer reviews.

Plus, we can employ the premium store features we have included.

Sell everything from physical to digital products

Everything is saleable with WooCommerce. Both physical goods and digital products such as downloads, memberships, subscriptions, online bookings, etc.

So is selling designer shoes sorted by size and color your niche?

Or is your thing selling time-based sessions in areas of consultancy, therapy, wellness, hairdressing, etc.?

Or offering digital products like music, podcast, video, and E-books?

Perhaps to sell online courses or get revenue from subscriptions?

It’s all possible thanks to WordPress, WooCommerce, and the use of plugins. Emoji blow kiss

Top security and up-to-date software

WooCommerce meets the very highest code standards and has the strongest cybersecurity in place.

Behind this plugin is no less than the company Automattic.

In the ownership of Automattic, you find serial entrepreneur and developer Matt Mullenweg. He is also the co-founder of (the open-source software) and its commercial variant

Take control over your data

What would it be to highlight one main difference (in our opinion) between running an e-store on WordPress and WooCommerce compared to a standardized solution like Shopify or BigCommerce?

Standardized solution
As a user of a standardized solution, you lose some freedom in terms of design and data control to a certain extent.

WordPress and WooCommerce
With an online store built on WordPress and WooCommerce, you will have 100% design freedom, the ability to create unique user experiences and get unlimited custom functionality.

With tools like Elementor Pro and Crocoblock at your fingertips, it’s easy to create custom WooCommerce stores tailored to your brand’s look, feel, and needs.

Plus, you will have 100% ownership of the installation, and your store data is safely stored and backed up with your site and WordPress installation.

Premium store features

Basic store functionality

Two integrated payment options (plus Mobilepay possible)

The two internationally market-leading online payment systems Stripe and PayPal, are built into WooCommerce.

You can accept payment by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or cash on delivery.

Bank transfer and cash on delivery work by processing the order once the money is manually registered as received.

Mobilepay add-on solutions are available through various plugins, e.g., EasyMe for the Danish market.

Shipping options

There are three different types of shipping options in WooCommerce: pickup, delivery, and mailing.

Likewise, there are three billing principles: a flat price, a price with different rates for different products (e.g., calculated by weight), and free shipping.

Local mail distribution solutions are integrated via plugins from the respective country’s freight companies.

VAT handling & state of stock monitoring

Get total control over VAT handling and your webshop’s stock status.

WooCommerce has a wide range of settings and professional functionalities.

You can, for example, set differentiated VAT values if you sell to several countries.

If you sell physical products in the webshop, WooCommerce can set up product variations (size, color, etc.) and indicate the stock status of each, where automated email notifications will let you know before the racks are empty.

400+ shop functionality extension with plugins

Like in WordPress, the functionality of WooCommerce can be extended with plugins. There are plugins for everything.

Integration of shipping providers is mandatory. You can integrate popular carriers locally with Shipmondo or Webshipper.

Connectivity to third-party accounting programs is available from Dinero and Billy, for example.

Local solutions for credit card and MobilPay payment options DIBS by Nets in Denmark.

At Cosmosites, we can also extend WooCommerce with functionalities for selling online courses, online booking, print-on-demand, etc.


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