Captain Niels

Over the past 30 years, Niels has traveled between different constellations in the cosmos of digital media and worked with music, radio, TV, and website production.

Captain Niels

Founder of Cosmosites

Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur

With a great era flying for, e.g., Danish Broadcasting Corporation, TV2 Denmark, Danish Film Institute, Modern Times Group (MTG), Viaplay Group, and Fremantle, Niels has contributed to more than 1500 unique productions (including episodes).

At present, Niels pursues an ambitious strategy of combining his broad experience into a single product that incorporates all parts of everything he has learned. That is the website!

To be more specific, web development and production, including creating content for websites and webshops.

I have witnessed and learned so much throughout the media universe over the years.

From working with massive 2″ analog multitrack tape recorders in music studios to the digital revolution of audio and video editing with Pro Tools and AVID.

From the days when there was still room for thoughtfulness and thoroughness to the assembly-line production of radio and TV programs.

From working with artwork created entirely analog for working on ideas, branding, and graphics using excellent digital tools.

All these reasons have not only been increasing my curiosity for digital media, but it has also been a necessity to keep up with the digital evolution for staying competitive business-wise.

We are now at a place where the Internet is today’s No. 1 communication platform that completely changed the game for the media industry worldwide.

Niels is self-taught. Learning by doing it.

His professional titles are musician, music producer, composer, film director, tv- and radio producer, audio and video post-production specialist, and website developer.

Through the years, Niels has worked with formats such as concerts, music CDs, soundtracks, commercials and documentaries, montage-, feature- and reportage radio, TV programs, graphics, and websites.

The list also illustrates Niels’s chronological journey on the timeline to today, working mainly with web development and content creation on Cosmosites.

Over time, I found that you and I, individuals and businesses, large or small, were in a position to create what could be our own radio or TV station, newspaper, record label, online store, etc.

Make it online! Be the tone! A liberation process born in parallel with the arrival and development of the Internet.

Just look at what has happened in recent years with internet speeds so fast you can stream movies in 4K. Now there’s your hi-fi TV station!

And with the ongoing release of excellent tools to digitize things that before only could be achieved by showing up in person or by phone calls.

This has given us things like online courses, online booking, print-on-demand, webshops, etc.

This whole game is the reason I started with website development.

If you can make websites – or get Cosmosites to help you do so – then you have the opportunity to jump in and pursue your dreams and goals on your own.

You will have the chance and the platform to tell the world your message, sell your products, sell your knowledge through online courses and so forth. Ultimately run a successful online business or communication channel.

It’s a vast and exciting space to step into.

Niels will be engaged in all productions on Cosmosites and will lead the work of websites, webshops, and content creation.

When Niels is not at work, he is passionate about his family, friends, and the world around him. He likes to explore, e.g., new cultures, music, art, film, design, food, and psychology. Niels is also a fan of sustainability and healthy living.

Niels had a passion for martial arts when he was younger and competed in the Danish Taekwon-do Championships. He won a silver medal in the final against a fierce guy who later became the world champion.

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