Items of Website maintenance plan

Professional operation of your WordPress website or shop. Pro Security, Pro performance, Pro SEO, Pro Backup, and more (proceed to Website maintenance plan).

WordPress security plugin Defender Pro on Cosmosites.

WordPress security plugin

Get enhanced website security, malware scan, and firewall protection. Defender Pro provides automated security scans of the website with 24/7 monitoring, restore and repair, Google blacklist monitoring, Two Factor Auth. etc.

Get automated image compression and improve Google PageSpeed. Smush Pro provides magic compression of the website’s pictures without loss of image quality.

WordPress image optimization plugin

Get automated image compression and improvement of Google PageSpeed. Smush Pro provides magic image compression of the website’s pictures. It will improve your Google PageSpeed result because of the faster load times without loss of image quality.

Get a fast and performance-optimized website with caching. Hummingbird Pro's WordPress speed optimization results in better Search Engine Ranking, and more.

WordPress caching and page speed optimization plugin

Get a speedy and performance-optimized website with caching and more. Hummingbird Pro’s WordPress speed optimization gives you higher Search Engine Ranking (SERP) and PageSpeed scores, thus faster-loading pages. It’s never been easier to optimize the speed of your site!

SmartCrawl Pro is a WordPress SEO tool plugin for websites and webshops.

WordPress SEO tools plugin

Get a powerful SEO tool with industry-leading features and start ranking higher. SmartCrawl Pro makes sure the search engine is fed with additional information about the content on a Pages/Posts level – leading to a higher ranking.


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