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WordPress crash course for beginners

Great to see you 😃

You get a quick start on WordPress with this video-on-demand WordPress crash course for beginners. No prior experience is required.

We will walk you through all the various tasks you need to know about when you start managing your WordPress website and creating and editing its content.

The course includes 60 minutes of on-demand video arranged into 11 lessons with a total of 49 topics (videos).

Allow me to give you a tip: Use the handy topic search in the header of each page. There you can easily find the videos you need to watch or re-watch.

To get the most out of the course you will need an up and running WordPress installation with the latest WordPress version.

I wish you an amazing journey!

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Avatar-of-Captain-Niels-from-Cosmosites Captain Niels has traveled the digital media cosmos for three decades, contributing to over 1500 productions in music, radio, TV, and websites. Captain Niels is an expert in WordPress and Elementor. Explore more about Captain Niels.


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